ARCHIVE: September 2019 Newsletter

September 2019 55th Edition

Richard Gentry
Regional Vice President
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September marks the beginning of the new school year here at Aggieland and SSC is a big part of making lots of things happen!   During the summer months we worked hard to be ready for the school year and each department had to do their part to get the work done on time.  Custodial project cleaned all the buildings and turns over all of the dorm rooms.  Maintenance painted large common areas,  power washed many buildings, did maintenance to building systems and repaired items in dorms rooms.  Grounds demolished and re-poured large areas of walkways on main campus, revitalized landscapes, and power washed walkways, benches, and walls.  Finally our EDCS group completed over 20 million in dorm renovations in 10 weeks!  All this could not be accomplished without the hard work and dedication of our associates.  Thanks for the hard work and let’s look forward to the upcoming school year!

From Our Regional Vice President

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