ARCHIVE: January 2020 Newsletter

January 2020 59th Edition

Richard Gentry
Regional Vice President

As we enter a new decade, it is amazing the changes we have seen on campus.  We are in our 8th year of the contract and the improvement we have seen in the campus facilities is truly amazing!  My first day of work on the TAMU campus was on January 13, 2014, exactly 6 years ago!  In my first few months we had a rain storm and over 60 buildings flooded!  Since then SSC’s partnership with the campus has let us invest in fixing problem areas and your hard work and dedication has paid off.  Today we have weathered countless storms, freezes and even a hurricane, and our buildings are in much better shape than ever.  I credit this to our hard work and dedication!  Our team works day in and day out to keep the campus running and that allows for students to learn, staff to work, and faculty to teach!  Together we make TAMU a great university, and we couldn’t do it without you!  So as we enter a new decade, I want to say thank you for all you do and I look forward to continuous improvement and even greater success!

From Our Regional Vice President

SSC Grounds HEQ/LCON (Heavy Equipment/Landscape Construction) was given the task of renovating the walking surfaces at the Bonfire Memorial...

SSC associate Barbara Musgrove, along with Texas A&M representatives, attended the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Hig...

The Regional VP and the RDO’s met with Max Gerall the Founder and CEO of REACH.  This is an acronym for Respect, Empowerment, Aspiration, C...



Please drop off items by
December 18th
at our main office, Suite 105

Items donated w...

Each year the city of Fort Worth hosts HR Southwest, which is the largest regional education and networking event for HR professionals.   H...

SSC Human Resources Manager Peggy Cruse and  Scholarship Recipient Joyce Garcia

Since 2016 SSC and Weathermatic have had a ongoing...

The SSC Grounds Department hosted its 4th Annual Texas Arbor Day celebration on Friday, November 1st on the A&M Campus. Neil Fletcher and B...


Blanca Alacantara
Iris Baustista
Rafael Blue
Roytezia Boone
Shenika Burns
Tamekka Curtis
Tricia Darnell
Ebelyn Delu...


Paula Chappel
Alma Moreno
Brenda Soto
Sinatra Steptoe
Clorissa Sweed
Patricia Walker


Kenny Marek


Mark Feathers
Alex Lewis...

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