ARCHIVE: April 2020 Newsletter

April 2020 62nd Edition

Richard Gentry
Regional Vice President
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It is amazing how fast the month of March passed.  As the nation’s situation in regards to the COVID-19 crisis has intensified, we are fortunate that as essential personnel, we still have sustained our employment.  Texas A&M and the Texas A&M System has continued with their mission to provide education to over 151,000 students and it is important to remember that SSC is a vital part of  their business continuity plan.  We need to do our jobs so that they can continue to do theirs!   Here at SSC, we want to make sure we do our jobs in a SAFE manner during this time.  Please make sure we follow proper protocol AND if you are unsure on what to do contact your supervisor.  Proper safety protocols allow us to continue to work, fulfill our obligations, and take care of our families.  Thank you for all the hard work during this trying time.

From Our Regional Vice President

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