SSC would like to welcome Nikola “Nik” Glogovac, our new Maintenance Supervisor who will lead the Night & Weekend Crew. When we asked Mr. Glogovac which name he prefers, he said Nikola or Nik is fine. Nik has only lived in Bryan/College Station since September 2016. He moved to Bryan with and because of his fiancé Catherine, “Chi”. She is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Health Sciences Center at TAMU, researching some exciting and terrifying diseases in one of the BSL-3 labs.

Prior to moving to Texas, Nik lived in Boston, Massachusetts. While studying at Northeastern University, he worked as an Operations Manager for the valet department at numerous Boston hotels and restaurants. After graduating with his BA in International Affairs with a focus on International Conflict and Security, Nik took on a role as a Travel Operations Coordinator at Education First, an international educational tourism company. Nik recalls, “My days as a Travel Operations Coordinator were spent negotiating with airlines and ensuring that thousands of our travelers made it to and from their destinations in one piece and relatively happy. As a side note, I am happy to discuss the intricacies of airline travel and would be glad to help answer anyone's questions on the mysteries of the airline industry - riveting stuff!” Nik’s professional skill set is strongly based in personnel and asset management. He has managed teams as small as 3 and as large as 30+ and has been responsible for thousands of travelers across the globe.

A strong influence on Nik’s college degree choice came from his personal background. Born in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia (in a region now known as Bosnia), Nik spent his early childhood there and moved to Boston in the mid-1990s. He has lived in a few areas of Greater Boston including Hyde Park, Charlestown, and Somerville. Charlestown, (pronounced Chahhhlstown in "Boston speak"), has been featured as the backdrop for some excellent cinematic adventures including The Town, Gone Baby Gone, and one of Nik’s favorites, The Depahhhted (AKA The Departed).

After getting their bearings in Bryan, Nik and his fiancé Chi adopted two wonderful cats from Aggieland Humane Society. Their names are Winnifred and Joplin; Nik says they are some of the friendliest cats you will ever meet. Their hobbies include eating, sleeping, and meowing at random things in the middle of the night!

Nik says he doesn’t have any exciting hidden talents like juggling or doing handstands, but says his special skill is blinking right as someone takes a photo! (Sarah Boreen attested to this when she took his photo for this piece!). Nik loves to adventure, especially on his motorcycle, and enjoys traveling off the beaten path. Some of his favorite places to vacation include Roatán, which is off the coast of Honduras, and the island of Crete in Greece (especially the southern coast). Nik is constantly working on strange projects at home, from overcomplicated cooking techniques (Sous Vide, it’s all the rage now) to learning how to fly glider planes.

While Nik says he can’t decide on the best piece of advice he’s ever received, he recently came across an independent filmmaker whose quote he really likes: “Love with your heart. Use your head for everything else” - Alan Melikdjanian (Captain Disillusion)

Although Nik is brand new to SSC at TAMU, he says, “everyone I have met has been wonderful and helpful and I look forward to working with the SSC team!”

Nik, we’re so fortunate to have someone as smart, funny and witty on board and know you will be a wonderful fearless leader for our Night and Weekend Crew. Welcome!

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