Logan Castagno, Arborist II

Ryan Drum, Gardener I

Brandy Gulley, Gardener I

Hannah Hale (student), Gardener I

Laura Munoz, Greenhouse Lead

Melvin Preston, Gardener II

Joseph Ramsbacher, Gardener I

Amayrani Vergara (student), Gardener I


Kimberly Hopper, Dispatcher I

Reginald Johnson, Maintenance Technician II

Jimmie Lewis, Maintenance Technician I


Angelina Alvarado, Crew B Lead

Elisa Arias, Athletics

Chantel Baker, Res Life - UA

Tamerest Barnes, Crew D

Maria Barron, Crew E

Rosa Cabrer, Crew I

Janissia Caldwell, Res Life - South Commons

Lesha Camper, Crew D

Alondra Castaneda, Crew C

Anne Crenshaw, Crew Y Lead

Alec Cruz, Crew E

Shamika Darnell, Crew D

LaNita Davenport, Rec Sports

Sarah Davis, Res Life - Corps Dorms

Jennifer DeLeon, Crew K

Amy Dodson, Crew F

Monica Eusebio, Crew M

Cora Evans, Res Life - NW

Randy Garcia, Crew J

Juana Gaucin, Crew K

Anthony Golden, Lead Res Life - Corps Dorms

Maria Grimaldo, Crew C

Reanada Gutierrez-Griffin, Crew F

Emma Johnson, Res Life - NW

Conettra Kinney, Crew D

Anita Martinez, Crew J (part-time)

Felis Martinez, Res Life - Corps Dorms

Mark Martinez, Floor Tech Crew H

Bennie Mason, Crew G

James McCoy, Crew H

Jennifer McDonald, Crew F

Janeth Mendoz Ramirez, Crew A

Tatyana Mitchell, Res Life - Corps Dorms

Robbie Moore, Rec Sports

Latica Nelson, Crew F

Joshua Nickerson, Res Life - South Commons

Consolo Palmer, Crew L

Laderrian Perry, Res Life - NW

Maria de Rosario Pineda-Montantes, Crew M

Phillip Piolet, Rec Sports

Maria Puentes, Crew A

Lasheka Richardson, Crew F

Brenesha Robinson, Crew G

Chris Robinson, Crew H

Emery Rodriguez, Crew M

Michelle Rosas, Lead Crew C

Tiesha Shehee, Crew H

Vicky Shivers, Crew G

Bearnice Sparks, Res Life - NW

Terica Thurmon, Res Life - UA

Joe Vasquez, Floor Tech Crew H

Ri'Keyna Washington, Res Life - Corps Dorms

Alex Webber, Crew F

Alexandria Webber, Res Life - South Area

Tamara Wells, Crew Y

Wiley, Cathy, Crew H

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