Custodial Services management teams are continuously looking for ways to work smarter and we work hard to instill this in our associates. Having the right tools to do the job makes us more effective and productive when performing day-to-day tasks.

SSC allows us to research products, attend conferences and network with vendors and other companies to stay on top of new products and equipment on the market. We test a lot of new products and equipment to make sure our associates have the most efficient equipment out there.

Pictured are some of the items we are currently working on getting:

• Walk-off mats that will keep most of the dirt out of our buildings but add a little color to the décor.

• Cordless backpack vacuums that are lightweight and portable.

• Chemicals that are effective in sanitizing and cleaning surfaces with little elbow grease but that are safe for our associates, students and the entire campus community.

• Floor machines that scrub floors with little effort saving associates from having to hand mop large areas and preventing back injuries and accidents.

• Safety boots that will prevent associates from falling when refinishing or scrubbing floors. • Barriers that warn our students, faculty and staff that the floor may be slippery so we close the areas off to eliminate accidents or near misses when we are performing a task.

We also listen very carefully to our associates who do the cleaning tasks day in and day out. Oftentimes they may have suggestions on a chemical or piece of equipment that may be beneficial to our department. We encourage associates’ buy-in, as the best ideas come from those on the front lines. It is very rewarding when our associates like a new product that we purchase with their safety in mind. We have a training program in place that trains all new associates on use of our chemicals and equipment before they are sent to their crews. Additionally, we are implementing online training that is more detailed and we will continue researching and trying out new products and equipment that will help our associates stay safe and productive in the workplace.

Submitted by Madlene Maxwell, Assistant Manager, Custodial Services

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