Bush Library & Museum Custodial Placedes Benitez

Custodial Services recently received a letter from the Education Department at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum. The letter was addressed to Rosa Alvarado, who serves as the SSC Custodial Supervisor at the Bush Library & Museum, as well as Sergeant James Mullins, Head of Security Officers at the Bush Library & Museum.

Dear Ms. Alvarado and Sgt. Mullins,

Our sincere thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Education Department for all of the dedicated daily work done by the Custodial Staff and Security Officers. We are grateful for your commitment to assuring protection from any type of harm.

A recent example of your vigilance happened when Custodian Placedes Benitez discovered a strange smell in the classroom. She immediately acted by contacting Alex Lopez in the Security Office. He quickly asked Larry Falcon who was doing rounds to check it. Mr. Falcon found a glue-gun still plugged-in causing the odor. The smart and swift-acting teamwork of Placedes Benitez, Alex Lopez and Larry Falcon is most admirable. We thank you very much.

We appreciate greatly all of the contributions by the Custodial Staff and Security Officers.

With gratitude,

Shirley Hammond, Ph.D.

Director of Education

George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

When SSC reached out to Robert Holzweiss, Ph.D, Deputy Director at the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum, to obtain permission to reprint the letter, Dr. Holzweiss echoed Dr. Hammonds’ sentiments by saying, “We think the world of the entire SSC crew here at the library. They are a vital part of our team.”

Way to go, Rosa and crew, for being outstanding!

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