Annual Color Bed at Blue Bell Park

Attracting visual attention to our campus can take many directions, with one of those being the use of annual color. No single element catches eyes faster than seasonal flower color. The simple, sheer beauty of professionally installed and maintained flowers beds creates an atmosphere that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. Currently, there is approximately 27,000 square feet of annual color on campus that is changed out at least three times per year. Not many know that the planning of each flower bed begins at least one full season prior to its installation. A variety of plant material is used to make our color beds beautiful and appealing to all who view them. Preparing the soil is a crucial step in the color bed planting process. Prior to each color change out, each bed is prepped with new soil amendments, such as organic matter. The soil is then thoroughly tilled to the depth of at least 16 inches. After incorporating the amendments, the planting process begins. Proper spacing between plants depending on the species ensures good health of the plant. Each plant is carefully removed from its container and placed in the ground with soil being pulled around the root ball with special attention to the proper depth. After installation each bed has a health program that is provided by SSC’s Grounds expertly trained professionals, which ensures constant satisfaction for months of spectacular color. Our goal is to leave our guests, students and clients with lasting impressions.

A special thanks to SSC’s Greenhouse and Color Team for all of their hard work in making campus look so beautiful and spirited!

Submitted by Carla Wiseniske, Grounds Manager-Horticulture, Greenhouses & Color

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