Congratulations to EDCS associate Shannon Tipton who is celebrating 15 years with Texas A&M/SSC. Shannon has been working on campus since 2003, when she began her college career at A&M. In the past 15 years, Shannon comments that campus has changed quite a bit! She says, “So many new buildings have been built (and even a few removed) since I first started school and began working as a student worker and even more after I’ve graduated. The entire built landscape has changed quite dramatically.” Shannon’s entire student worker career, including through grad school, was for TTI in the Research Development Office. She was mostly doing auditing checks for information and paperwork in the project files and database for TTI research projects. Shannon reflects, “Being an architecture student can have its ups and downs as far as homework and project loads, sometimes requiring multiple days in a row of all-nighters. I was very lucky and am grateful that they were flexible working with my class schedule.”

About the time Shannon was finishing her undergrad in Architecture, she decided to shift gears for graduate school. Rather than completing her Masters in Architecture, Shannon decided to pursue a Masters in Construction Management. Shannon says that was the right choice, as she ended up liking that much more and the career track in that field is what started her on the path to Project Management. Shannon has two degrees from Texas A&M University: a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design (’07) and a Master of Science in Construction Management (’09).

Today, Shannon works for SSC’s Engineering, Design & Construction Services as Manager of Standardization for Construction Services. In this new position, Shannon gets to do what she does best including organizing, standardizing, building forms and writing processes, collaborating to find the best solutions and working on expanding EDCS’ use of e-Builder.

Even outside of the office, Shannon loves all things creative: design, fashion (she LOVES shopping), crafting, building things, architecture, gardening/landscaping and the list goes on. Shannon laughs when saying, “I literally have a MILLION to-do projects/ideas in my head, but unfortunately just never have enough time to do them all. I’m also slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to organizing EVERYTHING, from my pillows on my bed to my sock drawer to the dishes in my cabinets.”

Shannon, we couldn’t be happier that you’re part of our team and we’re excited for you as you celebrate 15 years!

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