Ronald Kleppel, Grounds Safety Coordinator

Grounds Management is pleased to announce that Ronald Kleppel, who has been working as the Maintenance Safety Coordinator, will also support the Grounds department in a similar role.

In January 2009, Ronald Kleppel began working for Texas A&M University Physical Plant as the Preventive Maintenance Retro-Commissioning Supervisor. After serving in that role, Ronald moved on to be the Zone B Maintenance Supervisor and then Special Projects Coordinator. In 2012, when SSC started its contract with TAMU, the Maintenance Department had a new need to adhere to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) policies and procedures. Ronald began working with the shops to adhere to OSHA requirements.

Ronald has done a phenomenal job of being the Safety Coordinator for the Maintenance Department but only due to the cooperation and buy-in of the maintenance leadership and staff. Since focusing on safety, Maintenance injuries have reduced from 16 injuries in 2014 to 6 in 2017 and 6 in 2018. Starting in November 2018, Ronald began overseeing the Safety program for the Grounds department along with Maintenance.

Ronald shared some important safety information that we believe is worth emphasizing! Safety happens on purpose, not by chance. It requires everyone’s dedication and support to be successful. Developing a safety mindset requires a change in attitude and work culture. Safety in the workplace is about being proactive in accident prevention. Developing a safe workplace starts with Stop Think Act. Stop what you are doing and Think about what could go wrong before Acting. This simple, yet very important consideration should be used at home as well as at work. Taking the time to consider the safest way to complete a task and using the proper tools including personal protective equipment (PPE) could save one’s eyesight, hearing and prevent injuries such as cutting a hand or finger and much more.

Some of the focus points involved in a successful safety program include performing safety audits, completing incident reports and investigations to understand root causes of accidents to prevent future ones from happening, holding safety committee meetings, celebrating the achievements of safety goals with safety incentive events, organizing and overseeing safety stand downs (monthly meetings focused on safety) and providing specific safety training.

Ronald, congrats on being named Safety Manager for Grounds. We truly appreciate all you do for SSC at TAMU!

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