Spotlight Award Recognizes SSC Employee

In an effort to recognize those individuals who contribute to a better on-campus experience, each month, Academic Support Initiatives (ASI) in the Department of Residence Life recognizes one full-time staff member and one student staff member who go above and beyond their position to support the academic success of students.

This month, ASI would like to recognize Talicia Whittaker as the Staff Spotlight recipient.

Talicia is a member of the custodial staff with TAMU SSC and works primarily at the White Creek Community Center (WCCC). She goes above and beyond to make the community center a welcoming place for students and staff alike.

“Talicia brightens up any room she walks in, making those around her smile and laugh even at 7 a.m.,” says student coordinator Kaylyn Kirkpatrick. “She is joyful, kind, and is such a light to anyone who encounters her.”

Talicia says her favorite part about working with students is getting to meet a lot of different people. It is apparent from having a conversation with her how much she truly loves people and getting to talk with everyone. Her spirit brightens up the entire building and her hard work makes the community center a nice, clean place for stressed students to take a moment to rest.

She works tirelessly cleaning tables, vacuuming floors, and ensuring that the building is ready for students searching for a place to study. She has also saved the day for many students who have misplaced their items in the community center by bringing them to the lost and found to make sure they find their owner. Talicia is an all-around hard worker who cares deeply for the people she serves.

“When leaving the office around 8:00 p.m., it is not uncommon to find Talicia in conversation with students in the WCCC dining hall,” says Dr. Dustin Grabsch, assistant director of ASI. “She continues to work while talking to students about their classes and their weekend. She goes above and beyond to engage our students, which I can tell brightens their day. She makes them feel like they matter.”

We are thankful for Talicia and the opportunity to work alongside her each day. If you see her around, be sure to thank her for everything she does to enhance the experiences of students and staff on-campus!

Article reprinted from Texas A&M University Residence Life courtesy of:

Christina Roberts, Student Coordinator for ASI, Department of Residence Life

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