Ricky Sher and Patrick Towns receive promotions

Congratulations to Grounds associates Ricky Scher and Patrick Towns on their recent promotions!

Ricky, who has been with SSC since September 2017, is the newly named Turf Manager for both the Texas A&M main campus and RELLIS campus. He is responsible for the turf, irrigation and mechanics shop associates at both campuses.

In the turf aspect of his role, Ricky communicates with his mowing teams - which total about 30 associates - how to best get campus mowed in a neat and timely manner. Ricky manages and supervises the Grounds mechanics shop, which has 2 associates. This involves preparing and receiving work orders for grounds equipment in need of maintenance and repair, ensuring equipment enters and exits the shop in a timely manner and is repaired completely and safely. Ricky works with several vendors to keep the parts inventory stocked to optimize cost and repair time.

The third segment of Ricky’s position is to oversee the irrigation department. Ricky works closely with Patrick Towns, who has been with SSC Grounds for 5 years, and was recently promoted to Irrigation Manager. In his new role, Patrick handles the day-to-day operations of the entire irrigation department on both the main Texas A&M campus as well as the RELLIS campus.

The irrigation team that Patrick oversees is made up of 10 well-trained associates. The team’s daily duties include the upkeep and maintenance of all irrigation systems on the Texas A&M main campus. The team troubleshoots any issues that arise with the irrigation system, which covers 350 acres. The irrigation system has 271 irrigation controllers that are maintained daily. When asked about what his typical day looks like, Patrick says his duties include, “supervising the irrigation team and keeping good customer relations with all building proctors on campus by responding to their needs in a timely manner.” Outside of work, Patrick enjoys time with his wife, Stephanie, and sons, Tyler and Aaron.

When asked about what he enjoys most about his job, Ricky says, “I enjoy interacting with people. I get the opportunity to work closely with A&M employees and to lead the teams I manage. I have a great love for people and strive to be a positive influence to the diverse group of people we have working here at SSC. I love seeing us all come together to accomplish the daily tasks required to keep such a large campus looking its best.” Well said, Ricky!

Congratulations on your promotions, Ricky and Patrick! Keep up the outstanding work!

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