EDCS Celebrates Inclusive Week

The week of April 8-12, Compass Group celebrated Inclusion Week. HR Student Intern Melanie Cosme was tasked with implementing Inclusion Week at our account. She worked hard to inform managers and supervisors about the week and provided a packet for each team so they could easily follow the activities and discussions for the week. These discussions and activities provided associates the opportunity to get to know their co-workers on a deeper level and to truly see the vast diversity we have within SSC at TAMU. There were activities where associates were able to thank their co-workers for what they do and also activities where associates got to know other people better by sitting with someone new at lunch, or getting to learn the name of someone new. The week was very beneficial for the various departments and we hope to continue having Inclusion Week every year. This boosted team morale and our teams worked harder after getting to know co-workers better. Inclusion Week helps us realize that diversity is beautiful and the world would be a very boring place if we were all the same. It’s truly our differences that unite us. Melanie would like to thank all of those who participated!

Information submitted by Melanie Cosme, HR Student Intern

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