For the last few weeks the Coronavirus, also known as COVID – 19, has made its way to Texas with the speed of lighting and the power to devastate entire continents, country, states and towns and there is no end in sight, or so you thought. We here at SSC at TAMU have come up with a way to educate every custodial associate on the importance of what we are doing to keep our campus disinfectant and making sure our customers know we are on top of this. We created these cards, one for every custodial associate to place on their custodial carts so when they are asked what are you all doing to prevent the Coronavirus from coming on our campus, we are able to consistently tell them what we are using, what we are doing and how often we are disinfecting touch point areas to keep our campus disinfectant. Not only that, we are able to ask our customers to sanitize their personal items, such as their cell phones, keyboards and other personal items so that they are assured all touch point items are being disinfectant. We had 750 cards, printed out in neon colors, large font and had them laminated for longer use. We are also having 100 cards made that will be in Spanish and those will serve the same purpose. It is our prayer that this virus will subside and will no longer be a threat to the world and especially, our world here at TAMU. Our customers, staff and faculty visitors and our SSC family are our greatest assets and we want to do whatever we can to keep us all safe.

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