Andrea Cortez began her walk through the TAMU Campus in College Station TX on August 24, 1970

Since that time she has worn many hats, run w/ several batons, seen buildings, people, & landscaping come & go…To put it mildly Andrea has seen a lot

Her career started in the Duncan Dining Hall where she spent 5 years, all of which included summer vacations working at Sbisa Dining Hall while Duncan was closed.

Andrea then moved into more of a supervisory position at Penningston. Many of you may be thinking Penningston, Where or who is Penningston? If you are familiar w/ the now Sbisa Underground you are also familiar w/ Penningston. The only difference is Penningston was a full blown cafeteria w/ full service lines & cash registers at the end of each. Whereas the Underground is set up with food service kiosks, a concept not familiar to the TAMU campus until more recently.

Once the MSC opened Andrea moved again. This time she was in charge of opening all the food service lines for both breakfast & lunch. While working in the full service cafeterias the uniforms included a candy striped apron. Everyone on campus knew who the food service workers were by the aprons they wore. They stood out & were proud of the work they did…feeding the students, guests, & staff.

However, as time passed & food concepts were changed Andrea was needed @ the Commons for the snack bars, which were going in all over campus & were managed from Commons. The next 2 years were spent taking care of the snack bars & making certain their cash drawers were always balanced. Andrea says she can still remember a time when her drawer (which was never short) came up 2 cents short. When she contacted the manager about it, she was in tears because she couldn’t figure out what had happened…all these years & never short. Because Andrea had always been so consistent w/ her drawer & those of the other snack bar employees, the manager said, “Andrea, what’s all the tears about? I’m not going to let you cry over 2 damn cents” The manager reached into her pocket & handed Andrea 2 pennies to balance the drawer. Once a permanent snack bar, deli, & Chick-Fil-A was established on the 2nd floor of Commons Andrea moved there, where she remained until 2004 when she retired.

Andrea quickly discovered, after 8 months, retirement was just not her cup of tea. She returned to the TAMU Campus & worked at the Aggie Café’ for 4 years. Around 2009 Andrea decided she needed a change of scenery & transferred from TAMU food service to TAMU custodial services. She began her time w/ MCrew (only part time) to give it a try. Andrea says it didn’t take her long to realize custodial work was going to be her 2nd career. Within a few days she traded in her fulltime food service responsibilities for fulltime custodial ones. She remained with MCrew until 2012 when Compass Group/SSC came to campus.

With a new company being on campus, managing all avenues of campus life, everyone staying on board were basically given a blank check, as far as assignments were concerned. Andrea chose to move from MCrew to HCrew in 2012. She has been w/ HCrew Custodial ever since; working in the Rudder Tower & Theatre Complex, MSC, Chapel, & Koldus.

During her time on campus she has seen G.Rollie White demolished, Kyle field rebuilt twice, Cain Garage & ILC buildings be constructed and many more. Andrea has been on campus during President George HW Bush’s funeral & the collapse of the Aggie Bonfire. She has seen people come & people go; however, her love for the TAMU campus remains the same. She gave birth to & raised 3 children. “Cynthia & 2 boys” better known as Cynthia, Robert, & Rolando; all of which had their 1st jobs on campus before choosing other careers. Andrea has worked along side her husband on the campus since 2012; although they don’t share the same custodial team, they share the same beautiful, busy campus. When asked if she would choose a different path if given the opportunity, Andrea said “No, I’m happy right where I am”.

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