This summer at Penberthy has been full of multiple projects and camps. Starting on June 11th we hosted the first of five soccer camps that would continue thru July 17th. With an average of 600 plus kids per camp ranging from ages 8 to 18, 9 fields were utilized daily from 8am till 9:30pm. With coaches and trainers from all over the country making it to be acknowledged as “The Best Soccer Camp in America “. Coach G. Guerrieri (Texas A&M Women’s Soccer Team Coach) is truly a pleasure to work with and understanding when it comes to trying to preserve the quality of our sports fields.

The Penberthy North Complex is also going thru a field relighting project being performed by Britt Rice Electric. The current lighting system is being replaced with a Musco lighting system utilizing L.E.D. technology. Not only will this system be more cost efficient, but will also provide long term reliability, pinpoint precision eliminating impact of the surrounding areas and improved player safety.

At our storage warehouse facility which is shared with the Dept. of Athletics, an expansion project has started. Spaw Glass is performing the construction which will be adjoining the current building. With the Dept. of Athletics expansion and enhancement project in full swing, many shops and storage areas for the TMU Field Staff are being lost and needing replaced.

Finally, I was asked to participate and host a Community Sports Field Forum that occurred on Aug. 3rd at the Penberthy Complex. The purpose of this meeting was to brainstorm and prioritize research at the community sports level.

A similar meeting was held in Minnesota last month and several new research ideas were discussed. Attendee’s included were several professors from TAMUCS and the Dallas Turfgrass Extension facility, Turfgrass breeders/producers, Sports Management/ Nutrition representatives, Social Connections, Systems Thinking and many Sports Turf managers from across the state of Texas. Many new ideas were derived and how to achieve implantation was discussed. It was a very informative and enlightening event with participants from all facets that have an effect on Sports Field Facility’s.

submitted by Brian Carey


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