Safety inspections, also called Quality Safety Assessments (QSA) are conducted in-house once a month by the Safety Champion and quarterly with the Corporate Safety Manager, John Alaniz. The QSA holds the crew accountable in areas of compliance with OSHA, Fire, and SSC safety policies. When done correctly QSA’s are a good tool to measure the consistency and validity of how each Custodial crew measures up to standards. The QSA has a grading score of 1 – 5 stars. Receiving a 1 star means you have failed while a grade of 3 or above is considered passing. On 10/27/20 Custodial crew White Creek had an unannounced QSA by John Alaniz and Monica Cortez (Safety Champion/SSH) and they scored 5 STARS! Residential Life Custodial crew has been working hard since the pandemic began to provide consistent world class service to our customer, TAMU. When things get busy is when deficiencies rise, but not with White Creek Custodial crew! This is thanks to the support of our safety culture from Ted Dawson (RDO), Mary Green (Unit Director), Ida Sabrina Sparks (Supervisor), and employees such as Norma Perez. During the QSA Norma was wearing all required PPE while working and her custodial cart was one of the most organized carts we have seen on campus. If you notice in the picture above her head it says ‘Selfless Service’. This picture is the perfect example of the embodiment of our Custodial employees (we did not photo shop this into the picture it was a real moment on the TAMU campus). Please congratulate White Creek Custodial crew for a job well done! White Creek is the gold standard for consistent results so keep up the good work. Stop, Think, and Act at all times.

submitted by Monica Cortez, SSH

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