Bobbie Glover, 8 year associate - Lead Custodian for Rudder Hall received client accolades included below. Bobbie was awarded a $100 appreciation gift from her department.


I would like to contact whoever is the manager or supervisor of the custodial staff. I want to affirm Bobbie Glover who is the only custodian in Rudder hall. She works tirelessly day in and out to make sure that our hall is clean to perfection.

I have had lovely ladies who worked here in the past, but she goes above and beyond what her job title says to do. She cleans up after us in places she shouldn't have to clean, she makes sure that there's no problems with the dorm, she vacuums top to bottom every day, and shows gratitude to all! She is a positive light and we are all affected by Bobbies positive work ethic. Bobbie stay's later and comes to work earlier than needed, just so we don't wake up and we wake up to a fresh clean environment.

I have grown to love Bobbie and I know other students, faculty, and her coworkers do too.

If you could give her an affirmation, a raise, or something that would acknowledge this - that would be amazing!

Again, the ladies that have worked with her in the past have been a light as well, but bobbie never stops smiling!

allyson Rudder 110

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