Founded in 2016, RELLIS is bolstering excitement with a newly engineered master plan and vision statement. RELLIS campus offers a large landscape that allows for opportunities in many unique avenues of innovation and partnerships. From a grounds management stand point this is exiting news and provides a great opportunity.

Agronomic planning

Creating a consistent look on campus begins with mowing frequencies, and creating schedules to service each location on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Maintaining frequencies provides a steady and inviting feel to campus for all RELLIS patrons. Building a yearly herbicide and fertility calendar and properly executing timely applications is key in agronomic planning. Maintaining healthy and weed free turf is at the top of our list of priorities. Implementing a cultural practice program to include aerification, verticutting, and topdressing to maintain and provide optimum conditions for plant health.

Viewing and implementing standards for pre-construction specifications

With new construction in the plans for years to come we have a great opportunity to set up operational success for the future. Given the ability to specify items such as plant type, soil, and irrigation will assist in cost savings associated with labor and material for any post construction issues that may arise.

Improving Open Field Areas

Even though RELLIS campus is booming with construction not all of the 2000 acres is fully developed, thus creating a large amount of property that is considered “low maintenance”. In order to create a more aesthetically pleasing look in these areas we have put an emphasis on cleaning under tree growth. Maintaining these trees from the ground up give the areas a new since of vigor and restoration to a large portion of the landscape.

RELLIS Campus has a commitment to excellence for future students, and organizations. We plan to align ourselves with this vision by being great stewards of the land and providing outstanding grounds management care.

Stephen Gerhard, RELLIS Grounds Manager

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