Ronald Mathis began work with SSC Custodial Services on October 5, 2020. He was a devoted family man and always talked of his wife and we all understood family was Ronald’s first priority.

Ronalds first supervisor, Mary Richardson said “Ronald was a hard worker who never complained. He got along well with everyone in Crew Y. Ronald was always singing and in good spirits. Ronald worked in GERB, customers praised him for all the hard work he did in keeping their building clean and sanitized. I remember one day I worked until 6:30 pm and it was dark outside when it was time to go home. Ronald, Billie and I were the only ones left at the Allen Building where our Crew Area is located. After clocking out to go home, Ronald did not leave until he made sure Billie and I were in our vehicles leaving the parking lot. Ronald was in Crew Y a short time but he will be missed”.

He worked in another crew, helping out and that supervisor, Mark Butler, had this to say “

Mr. Mathis was a kind and gentle man. He loved learning and I had the pleasure of seeing the excitement in his eyes when he learned something new. Ronald was always grateful and gracious in his handling of new techniques and he would do his best to master new skills. He was a man of faith and loved people. Ronald was only in my crew a short while but he was a joy to be around and a truly wonderful man. He will be missed”.

Our condolences to the family. It is always sad when loved ones pass. We here at TAMU SSC consider ourselves to be the 2nd family of every associate we have. We were so sorry to hear that Ronald passed and our prayers have been with the family during this time.

Rest in Peace Ronald, you are truly missed.

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