The SSC Apprentice Program was approved by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) on August 15, 2016. SSC had to provide a four-year curriculum of 576 hours for electricians, HVAC, and plumbers to be approved by the USDOL Apprentice Program Office. In addition, SSC had to had to agree to employ their standards, write and receive approval of Affirmative Action and Apprentice Selection criteria. The apprentice receives an USDOL Certificate of Completion after he obtains 8,000 hours of OJT and then applies to take his Texas Journeyman or HVAC Contractor license test.

The USDOL Standards require each apprentice to receive an agreement on pay increases for each year if he completes his 144 hours of academics and receives 2,000 hours of on-the-job training from his mentor, an experienced technician. The apprentice selection process is the shop supervisor recommends the candidate apprentice and the Apprentice Training Committee approves the candidate. Then he is placed into apprentice program. The apprentice must maintain a 70% academic average to remain in the program.

The following apprentices recently finished the four-year apprentice program or have performed outstanding in their academics. All are College Station apprentices except Dora Lara Corpus Christi second year plumber apprentice.

1. Joshua Glass just completed his four-year plumbing apprentice program on July 29 and has requested TSBPE for a TX Journeyman license test date. He has received his USDOL Certificate of Completion (see photo).

2. Mathew Romare completed his four -year HVAC Apprentice Program on June 4. He has requested a HVAC Contractor’s license test date from TDLR HVAC.

3. Shanna Graham has a 99 % average test score for completing her first year HVAC academics, based on taking over 20 tests. She needs to obtain her 2,000 OJT hours to complete her first year and receive pay increase at 10/29/2022. She is taking second year HVAC classes to accelerate her system knowledge.

4. Armando Avitua, first year HVAC test average score is 97% after taking 20 tests and will complete his first year by 10/14. 2022. He on/y needs to’ take 1 TPC course and complete his 2000 OJT.

5. Devin Rose has a 95% test score average after taking 20 tests and has completed his first-year academics. He is taking second year academics to increase his knowledge and his pay increase is scheduled for11/11/2022.

6. Larry Watson, first year HVAC apprentice has a 95% test score average after taking 20 tests. He has 1 test left in his first year scheduled due date is 11/10/2022.

7. Dora Lara has a 94% test score average after 25 tests and began her second year and has already completed all but 2 tests, her second-year scheduled completion date is 4/15/2023.


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