Our management team, consisting of our RDO, Ted Dawson and Unit Directors, Sheila Robinson and Lou Jacques (pictured), Mary Green, AJ Sims, Madlene Maxwell and Chris Rouff (not pictured) did a special recognition and made a fuss over our amazing Administrative Professional Support Staff, Ruth Alvarez, Erica Cruz, Maria Alma Villarreal and Ashley Weber to show appreciation to them for all of the work they do in their supportive roles and holding our department together.

These fine professional ladies wear many different hats and they do a lot of multitasking to support the entire Custodial department. They make sure we have everything we need to take care of our campus and community customers as well taking care of us on a daily basis. They know how to prioritize their workloads, this includes picking up doughnuts or breakfast and making coffee, running errands, decorating our offices for holidays, birthdays and all other events we can think of to celebrate. Our team of professionals are very innovative and creative. No one does it like they do. They are the back bone and the glue who will remind us if we forget about any tasks we are supposed to do. They make things happen and get things done in a very quiet and professional manner despite sometimes having a lot of interruptions. They don’t mind stopping what they are doing to help us or anyone that walks in our office or calls on the phones. These ladies are AWESOME. They make us the successful team we are and we could not do it without them. “Thanks For All You Do Ladies. We Really Appreciate You”

S - is for Service - They consistently give great service with a smile

E - is for the Excellent work habits that they exhibit

R - is for the Respect they consistently show to all

V - is for Valid – just well grounded, strong, efficient, acceptable, correct and proper

I - is for Intelligent – All are highly skilled and intelligent

C - is for Courage to face all challenges the day might bring

E - is for Easy as 123 – Easy does it, easy to approach and easy to reach

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