Grounds Management is always looking for ways to improve the quality of the service we provide at Texas A&M. One way the Turf department has increased the quality of our mowing is through the use of push mowers when mowing on small panels instead of our larger zero-turn mowers. While using these smaller mowers does take more time, the improved quality of cut and aesthetics are worth the extra effort. Additionally the smaller mowers have less of an impact on the turf panel due to their light weight when compared to a larger zero-turn mower.

We use several different types of push mowers to complete our mowing depending on the location, grass variety and desired height of cut. We have 21” battery powered push mowers for general use in small panels. These are very light and quiet and useful when up close to buildings where people work or study. We also have 30” self-propeller mowers that we use when mowing larger panels that we still believe are best maintained with the smaller size mower. Additionally, we have a 21” manual push reel mower that we use on very small panels that we desire to mow at a low height. This mower provides a very high cut quality and allows us to mow as low as 1/2”.

The extra effort in using these mowers adds to the overall beauty of Texas A&M and gives a sense of pride and accomplishment to the Turf crews responsible for their operation.

submitted by Ricky Scher

Push mowing at the YMCA Building

Treson Dyess mowing with a manual reel mower at the New Main monuments

Treson Dyess mowing with a battery powered push mower by the ATM bed at J.K. Williams

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